Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Gym Class Heroes, CIAM, and Jesse Malin on maniaTV's All Access

This week on maniaTV's All Access join host Samantha Maloney as she hangs out with Gym Class Heroes, CIAM, and Jesse Malin.

Today on the show Sam and the All Access Crew head down to radio station KCRW in LA for their "Morning Becomes Eclectic" show to catch up with CIAM. They hang out for their interview and performance and then head out to their house in the Hollywood Hills. Incidentally, they rented Steve McQueen's Hollywood mansion for the week - it was pretty spectacular and Sam gets a tour from the band.

Next up Sam takes us back to NYC where she introduces us to Jesse Malin, D-Generation and Turbo AC's, at the Pizza Shop on Avenue A.

Photo by Alyssa Wendt

Finally Sam checks in with Stephen Christian, lead singer of Anberlin, as he jumps on the bus with Gym Class Heroes. All Access will be checking in with Stephen for a few weeks as he travels on The Warped Tour.

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Monday, July 07, 2008

maniaTV's Comedy On Demand Starring: National Lampoon Lemmings Episode 8 On Demand Now

Don't miss an all new episode of Comedy On Demand starring: National Lampoon Lemmings today featuring more great comedy skits, Political Spoofs, and special musical performance by Yellowcard.

Have you ever wanted to see George Bush in The Shining?

Perhaps maybe you want to see Bill Clinton in Caddyshack?

What about John Kennedy in Fight Club?

A cutting edge website puts your favorite US Presidents in some of the most famous films of all time!

Also, don't miss an exclusive performance of Yellowcard on the Gibson Garage stage.

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Young Punx, White Rabbits, and The Crystal Method today on All Access

Don't miss a new All Access today on maniaTV.com featuring interviews with The Young Punx, White Rabbits, and The Crystal Method. Also, All Access has a brand spankin new website - Check it out!

This week Sam and the All Access Crew head out to New York City to catch up with The Young Punx. They talk about working with Fatboy Slim and the making of their video "You've got to..." while chilling out in Battery Park. The Young Punx are a London-based collective of eclectic electronic musicans, headed up by Hal Ritson and Cameron Saunders. Over the past few years they have firmly established themselves as the new darlings of UK dance music, with many of the world's top DJs championing their records and over 100 BBC Radio 1 plays to date.

Next up we bring a special interview with Ken of The Crystal Method. He gives us a tour of his house and they talk about Sam playing on their album.

Finally Sam heads down to Dumbo to visit with Alex and Stephen of the White Rabbits. They talk about their latest release Fort Nightly and making the album. They consist of Matt Clark, Alex Even, Jamie Levinson, Steve Patterson, Greg Roberts and Adam Russell. They formed in central Missouri and later moved to Brooklyn, New York in 2005 where they met their manager and record producer Aaron Romanello and Chris Zane (Les Savy Fav, Shy Child) respectively.

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Monday, June 30, 2008

maniaTV's Comedy On Demand Starring: National Lampoon Lemmings Episode 7 On Demand Now

Don't miss an all new episode of Comedy On Demand starring: National Lampoon Lemmings featuring more great comedy skits, Lemmings on the Loose, and special musical performance by The Skybombers.

This week's show opens with a scene from a Canadian Rendition. Every year the United States government transfers suspected terrorists to nations with less liberal views of torture. The most vicious of which: Canada. Tactics include sub-freezing tempartures and hockey depravation. Next up is our favorite Canadian coorespondant Gentillon. You never know what you are going to get with Gentillon. He could be hanging out in rehab with Lindsey Lohan or sitting on the couch with Tom Jones.

You have all probably heard of ED or erectile dysfunction. There are many medications for erectile dysfunction. Dr. Alex Marotta brings us the latest - a hallucinogen that makes you See Alice!

This week on "Not So Lost At All" Ted and Nicole continue their drive through the desert. They are still trying to figure out if they are lost - and along the way they encounter a bear. How did it get in the car?

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Season Finale of Arcade: Top 5 Metal Gear Solid Characters, Lego Indiana Jones, and Robert Welkner of Coin Op TV

Season Finale Arcade Episode 13
Today @ 4PM ET!

That's right folks - we have come to the end of our Arcade season but don't fret, we will be back for a new season on July 11th so you will only have to wait 2 weeks for a new show. We are going to change it up a bit so mark your calendars.

This week's season finale includes a final Top 5 list: our top 5 Metal Gear Solid characters. Turtle gives the lowdown on his favorite characters of this franchise. What's your favorite character? Let us know. Is there something you think we should do in our next season - we love ideas! Tell us what you think - send an email to arcade@maniatv.com or post a comment on our MySpace profile.

Next up is our Video Game Report featuring Lego Indiana Jones. Brendon stops by to let us know if the newest Lego game from Travellers Tales is any good. Hopefully better then the horrible new Indy movie. What is our overall opinion...you'll have to tune in to see.

This week's Grudge Match features the top 3 games from this season. We have a special prize for the winner. And finally this week on the War Room, Rob, Turtle, Brendon and Rob Welkner from Coin-Op TV @ stream.tv talk about what they are hoping to see at this year's E3 expo. Check it out today @ 4PM ET!

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